Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Michael Keaton

March is finally here, which means it is officially "Stripper Season." Just make sure you bag one of those "middle of the day" strippers. No reason to murder part of the strip club's starting lineup just because you can.

If stuffing and mounting "Stretch-Mark Betty" doesn't take too much of your time, check out the tunes over at www.myspace.com/name. It's got a fresh batch of noise that we will be playing at our upcoming CD RELEASE SHOW out in Walnut Creek, CA on Saturday, March 13th from our seemingly inexhaustible supply of intolerance for current music. Also come to experience potential jokes about whatever the media is calling "news" this week, and some children's books that are sure to be soul-crushing classics.

Or you can shoot right over to our shirts at http://www.alexamachine.com. They're even better the second time around. Like Chinese food or Chinese panties.

On another note: Now that Jay Leno is once again gainfully employed by NBC, you could use a distraction. That's where we come in. Enjoy the tunes. Add us on those social networking websites that we all know youre a part of.

New goal. If we reach 300 Facebook friends (http://www.facebook.com/nameband) & 350 Twitter friends (http://www.twitter.com/name), we'll start giving oppurtunitys to win free shit. Including our brand spankin new compact disc. So, dont try to lie. We know you have these internet social networking website profiles, so might as well join in the fun. Have your friends join the fun as well... It'll be sexy. And once again, if youre a bay resident, come out to our CD release show. Its gonna be a fucking blast. We'll be playing a good portion of the record, including songs we havent played live yet.

Love you, you little fuckable faces, you..

- W

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