Friday, December 25, 2009

Mare-Y Fucking CHRIST(no)mas

as a gift to you all, we posted another song for all of you, it's entitled "Mare" (hence the horrible play on words with the holiday, the song was originally called "Spring Break" but we decided Mare has a little more of a meaning to us, it's about our singer almost dying twice in one year, you can ask him about it any time, or just scroll down to a few blogs ago). We've had this song for a bit, (we posted a video of the song being performed in Miami last year) but now, HERE IT ISSSSS. Encompassing all of it's sonic variety, is "Mare" so enjoy......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Your Mom Is A Whore, Merry Christmas

Christmas is here and it's time to chug some nog and go caroling. Which is not that different from what I do every other week of the year. Just switch the nog for whiskey and the carols for random Tom Waits lyrics.

New merch coming soon. We will be taking down some of the current designs and then they're gone for good.  Even if we did try and stage some kind of reunion tour for these shirts in the future, at that point they would all be old, wrinkled, and hooked on Heroin.

We're gonna be taking it easy for the rest of the year and in the beginning of the new year. Look out for tour dates around then. But, until the albums release (out February 16th) we'll all be doing our thing. Jeremiah shall be selling expensive things to people who dont need them, I shall be surrounding myself in cords and pedals writing like a hermit, and catch Bobbo filling in on drums on tour with the band Ellsbeth for the next couple weeks. So, make sure to catch a date, buy him a drink, fuck him, and don't call him back. Guarunteed to provoke binge eating and a fully clothed rape shower.

So, on an honest note, merry christmas to everyone. I hope you all gain several pounds from an over consumption of food and you all get shit you want.

Love you. Mean it. our album "Internet Killed The Audio Star" on February 16th, it..

- Wes

Friday, December 11, 2009

Merry ChrisFUCK YOU!

It's December and I am dreaming of a white Christmas. Actually, I'm dreaming of a melty turquoise Christmas. And sugar plums are fighting lesbian dragons in my head. This LSD-nog is fantastic.

Anyways, Christmas, it's that time again. I hope everyones keeping warm and not freezing their genitals off like im NOT...

Recently, we've been kind of quiet, thats because we have been hard at work prepping for next years plans, being the album comes out FEBRUARY 16th, 2010! So, mark it on your calendars folks... Maybe you'll luck out and get an Itunes Download card for christmas... Or a Best Buy gift certificate... Either way you ca use it to attain the record and turn your plastic into a mere drug tool...

IF you haven't noticed (which I doubt at this point) we have posted a new song entitled "Empathic Communicator, Part II: Beebee (Conscious Incompetence)"... So, if youre not hearing it as you read this, head on over to our myspace and listen to it at deafening volumes... Because how else are you going to get the point of the song...

New merch store over at HERE. Soon, we'll be giving out ways to get cheap OR FREE merch this holiday season.

For those who listened in to our radio appearence this past Sunday, THANK YOU! For those of you who havent, you can STREAM or DOWNLOAD the show HERE.

Here are some pics from the show:








Also, since our youtube is down at the moment, here is an old video, if you so choose to watch it:

Thank you for actually stickin' around. A lot of good things on the way!

- W