Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 out of 3 of us are Vag-itarians...

Recently, Bobbys rant on vegetarianism was posted on Peta2's myspace page. The BLOG was originally posted here on OUR bog, but they got wind of it and spread the word. Heres what they posted on their blog:

"I like my metal like I like my food... vegan. So you can imagine how stoked I was when I recently came across a pro-vegan blog from the drummer of the Lifeforce Records metal band, Name.

Name's drummer, Bobby Gibbs, wrote the blog debunking the myths of a meat-free diet from a vegan perspective—touching on topics like protein deficiency and canine teeth, and responding to comments like "you shouldn't talk, cause you kill plants." If you like your pro-veg arguements on the crude, albeit humorous side, look no further than this blog.

Here's one of my favorite exerpts from the section on protein deficiency:

"There is no such thing. Look into it. And look at me. You can tell I work out. You wouldn't be able to tell if I wasn't getting enough protein. Cause I'd be hella skinny and wouldn't be able to flex my boobs at people like a total douche. But let's get into the science of shit ..."

See what I mean? Aside from being funny, Bobby makes some good points, so check out the rest of the blog here and visit their MySpace for music and tour dates. If you're interested in seeing how we would answer some of the same questions Bobby addresses in his blog, check this out.


Disclaimer: The opinions of Bobby Gibbs do not necessarily reflect the opinions of peta2. However, we did laugh ... a lot."

OR, if youre lazy, you can check out the link HERE.

More news and junk and stuff on the way soon. Keep in touch.

(Listen to Porcupine Tree - "In Absentia")

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Photoshoots....among other things

I had a very lengthy post, and it got deleted, i'm not typing it again it's late (or early....4:30 a.m) we had an awesome photoshoot with Flip Cassidy, good times had by all. The release date for the cd is either going to be at the end of january of next year, or the beggining of february. Either way. it'll be nice to have a shrink wrapped cd in my hands. good times. i'll post the link for the photoshoot so you can check it out.