Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Awesome review by "MTUK 'Zine"

Imagine the scene: you're just had a jam, setting out your musical agenda. You know everything is ticking over just nicely, it's just you can't think of a name. Especially so if you're an immensely talented, intelligent and versatile trio, who solve the problem of what genre to occupy by simply ignoring such petty concerns, and simply playing whatever you like. I imagine the conversation of a name went thus:

"Hey man, what name should we give our band?"

"Huh? Sorry, I was busy putting in this 17/5 time signature. What were you saying?"

"We need a band name"

"Fuck it, we'll call us Name"

"Hell yeah! 17/5 you say? Let's hit it!"

To say there's a lot to get your teeth into is a bit of an understatement. Never mind the kitchen sink, they also throw in the rest of the showroom, the car park, and the retail park slip road in too. In contrast to that tortuous metaphor, the music here is as seamless as a lycra catsuit. The base style, as it were, will be instantly familiar to those whose tastes run towards the likes of War From A Harlot's Mouth and Dimitri-era Dillinger Escape Plan: dense riffing in a compressed hardcore mode, together with the occasional jazz-esque free-roaming breakdown that borders on the progressive.

Where Name stand out from the crowd is the generous dollops of other genres they spread tastefully among the songs. The close-out of opening cut 'Killer Whales, Man' builds up a furious head of steam, but then someway, somehow, seamlessly segues into a riff that could easily have Phil Anselmo growling over the top. 'My Sweetheart, The Whore' makes use of that aforementioned breakdown, but the intricate bass wanderings echo the late Jaco Pastorius; a technique further used on 'Charmer', together with delicate cymbal strokes, suggests something more is going on here.

Even when they are being somewhat conventional, there's a breathtaking control to their music. While the songs might serve, it's clearly all tightly under control, rather than just madcap careering: 'Dave Mustaine' does have a bizarre synth breakdown that sounds like they're taking the piss out of New Order, but it still fits in among the fearsomely drilling music. It's a mark of craftsmanship that you scarcely notice the seven minute running time, nor indeed the running time of any of the songs, such is the absorbing talent on display here. As incongruous as the name Name is, they have a damn good sound here that may even prove to be one of the highlights of 2010.

Steve Jones