Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Metal Revolution Webzine" Review

Jeremiah found another review of the record on the Metal Revolution Webzine page. You can click the link below, or (since i'm so nice) take the lazy route and just read it here. Read on, readers.

"Blasting off with a truckload of penned up energy being released in a cascade of raw metal power, the first few seconds of this album promises much. And live up to those expectations it does, most certainly. An irrepressible feeling of awe as the vicious vocals perfectly mix with expert musicianship spew forth from every song on the album, ensures that one cannot help wanting to hear more.

On a few songs they experiment a little with changing the style a little, adding a sequence or in other ways doing something different from the main theme of the album, with mixed results. While I think the entire album is actually really good, there are a few parts that I think they could have left out, if for no other fact that it just isn't as powerful as the grander part of the album.

I must admit that I was wondering what sort of music it would be when I looked at the promotional the first time. A band called Name? An album called Internet Killed The Audiostar and a cover that looks very calm (for a lack of a better word,) all shrewdly shrouds the fact that this is a metal album that deserves both recognition and appreciation. The lyrics are perfect for the phenomenal vocals (or perhaps they are made so through that,) and the production leaves little waning. The sound all in all will to a professional musician perhaps not be perfect - there may be parts where some things are not technically perfect. But to hell with that, I like it!

I strongly suggest checking out "Mare," "Charmer" and "The Spark Of Divinity" all of which can be
heard on their MySpace.


(also, the whole album wont be up for much long to stream on our myspace, so soak it up.)

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Review snippets

Found some fun review quips I figured i'd share with you all.

"When discussing Name's debut album Internet Killed The Audio Star, one word comes to mind: unpredictable. For 77 minutes, the band goes through a wide spectrum of genres, from progressive metal to jazz-fusion. Name is comfortable with pushing songs into lengths usually reserved for bands like Between The Buried and Me, especially with the four-part epic "Empathic Communicator." Clocking in at 20 minutes, it is the centerpiece of the album and one of the clear indications that Name has immense talent."

"Their talent is evident on much of the material on Internet Killed The Audio Star. "The Spark Of Divinity" starts out aggressively, but deviates into a melodic breakdown with soaring clean vocals. "Mare" is in the same vein, highlighted by bluesy guitar work and a piercing screech at the end that could make a baby cry. Throughout all the madness, the rhythm section is the stand-out. Bassist Jeremy Fareas channels Dan Briggs, Geddy Lee, and Les Claypool with his funky leads and slap work, while drummer Bobby Gibbs is versatile with his jazz-infused fills and loose playing style. The clean vocals are a mixed bag. They are a perfect backdrop, lush and emotional. "

"Name will be a big band to look out for in the near future; their debut is proof of that."

"German Metal Hammer" Review

We recently received an album review in Europe for this months "German Metal Hammer" issue. The review was scanned and sent over to us, so bare with the rough translation from German to English. Even though there was a language barrier, they had some nice things to say. Check it out:

"With 'Dave Mustaine' name, from San Francisco, so far have an unconventional tribute (including the indie/dance-part) for the Megadeth front-man/composer. But that suits the trio to go against every rule. Thus INTERNET KILLED THE AUDIO STAR is certainly not for everyone. Here, one must grasp it piece for piece, every note, every scream and every sonic disintegration, in order to understand the overall work. With songs in the "short" ten-minute field is no easy task. Namely name knows how to make "Horfeinde" [?]. Wes Fareas' voice oscillates between the glass shattering screams and grungig tinged vocals. This supports the strings of his group with an experimental, sometimes staccato-like riffing. The spectrum ranges from about jazz and grindcore to post individual sound collages. However, the Californians do take breaks from the hyper-intellectual look from the original cause, so theres always good straight sections for pure entertainment value. With INTERNET KILLED THE AUDIO STAR, they have managed to name a ten-year odyssey and finally publish an impressive, striking debut, which satisfies one's own creativity.

Songwritting: 5 Sound: 5 5/5"

"German Metal Hammer" also listed '...The Audio Star' in the Top 30 Albums in their "Soundscan" segment.

Pretty awesome.

(ill post the scanned image of both the soundscan and review soon)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have a funny anecdote to share. Last night, same as every night, I was minding the local glory-hole. Long, short, smelly, curved, same old routine. But then, well, you kind of had to be there. But long story short, Gary Busey no longer has a penis.

Anyway, the album is FINALLY here! Such a long fucking time in the making. We were hoping this wasnt Chinese Democracy 2. It's packed with unintentionally awesome riffs, intentionally awesome cowbell, and an a theme that either supports or mocks homosexuals. People see what they want to see, you know. Now I'm going to go see some new XBOX360.

We also have 6 new shirt designs available as part of our "WE HAVE NER MERCH" program. So, check those out at

On a sincere note, thank you to everyone who has ever supported us while we've worked on this record in anyway at ANYTIME. I know bands rant like this a lot, but a lot of you dont know how much of a uphill battle this whole thing was. Its been a rough few years but we kept moving forward. Now we have this piece of our hearts on disc to share with you folks. We're very proud of this record and hope you listen to it with an open mind. Im sure I speak for Bobby and Jeremy when I say we sincerely appreciate literally every single one of you who have either asked us about the band, came to a show, bought us a drink, bought a shirt, sang the songs, drop our van, plugged us in, ran our sound, gave us couches to sleep on, hugged us after the show or listened to our songs with an open mind and open heart.

We love you. We wish there was more we could do for you... But we now have the rest of our lives to make it up to you.

"Internet Killed The Audio Star" - OUT NOW!



Monday, February 8, 2010

Ragin' pit an' shit...

Just found this on Never seen it before, but sure as hell made me laugh in the middle.

"Bay Area spazzes NAME (New Approach to Martyrs Expressions) have announced that they have signed a deal with Lifeforce Records. The band is continuing to work on their new album, Internet Killed the Audio Star, with eyes on a summer release. The irony of this is that several of the regional bands that shit on them for years are either unsigned or broken up. Ain't karma a bitch?.. Also, they will embark on a short string of West Coast dates in March alongside Battlefields and Irepress."

Pretty funny while equally true.

Also, on that note, albums almost out, get the presales while you have a few days left.


Wes Fareas

(415) 269 3534

(New album in stores February 16th)

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kickin' off the month

February is finally here, and you know what that means: Alcohol, flog a homeless guy, more alcohol, sleep... And at this point it's really up to you.

The new album has almost arrived. And in addition to jokes from a bitter cynic (yours truly) and "tweets" from the dumbest common denominator, we've also got some new ideas for February, now that Obama has made Black History Month obsolete.

And we have once again topped ourselves with our new shirts. If you don't think these are the greatest shirts ever produced, my Messican momma will stab you.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

Review from Pandemonium TV (Costa Rica)

Our new album was recently reviewed over at Pandemonium TV. The whole thing was written in Spanish, so here is a rough translation. (the original version is found at the link below):

"Often a disc requires time to be digested completely. In the case of New Approach to Martyrs Expressions (or NAME, for the not initiated), the assimilation process was something long, mainly because its quite complex and dissonant music, with a particular structure that can be aberrant until for the most abierto from listening. And it is that basically the style of these musicians is a mixture of so many different sorts that in many occasions their subjects feel like a kick to the brain; the route of sounds includes from Death Metal to Jazz, happening through Progressive, Environmental Metal, Hardcore and Grindcore, although a simple way to describe it is like Math Metal. Given the very particular nature of each one of the styles that NAME incorporates, it is easy to imagine why all will not be very consenting as to give an opportunity to this album, but does not fit doubt that if they have in them to listen this band they will give account that here is quality given. The subjects generally are not extensive and that is something that works without doubt in favor of the band, since it helps to make it easy to listen to all the album by parts when simply the musical madness cannot be resisted that is present during the hour that includes this recording. Concerning songs, each one is quite different from the other and the unique thing thats shared is that manic and eccentric sound, but one of the memorable moments on "Internet Killed The Audiostar comes" comes in the form of a tetralogy called 'Empathic Communicator', where we can appreciate of complete way as these boys make an unfolding of technical abilities. Four threaded subjects, of discreet way, shows an influence of bands like Muse and Tool. If somebody likes of changing material and underground enough, NAME would have to be an excellent election, since as I said previously propose a very eclectic style and until certain point transgressor. It is very good music and with an even better execution, but the amount of present elements in the disc are in such a volatile form, that with which a subject perhaps changing on a second, could be too much for most preservative. Internet Killed The Audiostar is a disc that takes time to appreciate and to digest since he is extremely angular. But give them the opportunity and you would find an excellent material to strengthen the great form with which this 2010 is starting. A purchase forced for followers of bands like Between The Buried and Me or The Dillinger Escape Plan.

- Qualification: 80/100"


Click the banner below to take you to our merch store which has a special bundle deal which is pretty goddamn cheap. We also posted 6, yep, count 'em, 6 new shirts. So click the link and check it out! The deal only lasts for a couple weeks, so dont miss out.

Also, with every CD purchase, we'll be writing a hand written thank you note to YOU.

Seriously, thank you so much for everything folks! Its been a long time in the making, dont miss out on this 1 time deal.