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Amazing and incredibly interesting review in form of a short story by "All Shools Network"

It's really rare that I'm overwhelmed when it comes to music and, above all, it's even rarer that I lack the words to be rewritten and what I hear. Well, they do exist but these moments, these plates that I can hear it so often and yet I find no coherent sentence to one. NAME are fucking assholes, because they play with my intellect, because they remove me without warning me. I have admitted it, they can play with me and now I have the salad. I'm sitting here in a white room, the walls are padded with rubber and over again without wishing I could, I jump up and run with start-up against the wall. The rubber prevents that I violated, the strait-jacket, however, prevents it as well that I can support myself on impact on the ground with their hands and therefore always falls on my already battered head, lose consciousness, and again this abstruse obscure and but it must hear so calculated music. I myself am guilty, I did not want it otherwise.

So I lay there on the floor, bound, his arms behind his back and walk through my subconscious. Time and again I feel are ridiculous figures, armed with microphones, instruments and both screaming, and grunting dark and clear singing voices. You want to tell me something. A story that only they speak a language you do not understand. I only know the story is called "Internet Killed The Audio Star" and is among others of "Killer Whales, Man"! This is the info with which they leave me alone, plug in their instruments to the current, short aufhusten and then start bashing me. They seek their prey from the targeted, it can not defend. I am looking for structure, to understand. After a clue. But can not hear myself think. NAME rush around the corner disappear in an ambient nothingness and dip in the technical mess up again. They have masks on. Masks that represent the distorted faces. They provided her with a mess hall, I yell at me for minutes and then open up the art of break downs. This is the second in which I begin to understand. I think at least. Think again. What are the jazz musicians doing there in the other cell? He's still only just getting his medications that were given to me even today. I scream. NAME screams. It's getting dark, I hear the clicking of the door handle and wake up.

Men in white coats enter my cell. There are four. They talk quietly on me. Tell me that everything will be fine. I believe them. Get scared but when two of them fall on me, pressing my legs and my head on the floor. The third grabs his belt bag and pulls out a syringe, it tackles and chases me into the vein. Strange feeling. Liberating and somehow reassuring. But what about the fourth man, who stands legs apart all the time about me and grins at me? With a start he makes a face as if he had pain attacks, on the back, grabs and pulls the skin off his face. Just do the others, except that which suddenly dissolves into air, and what comes to light them, are the faces that seem familiar to me from my subconscious. I panicked eyes to tear and the game starts over. The man who abused me with his voice tells me about his girlfriend, and uses the words "My Sweetheart, The Whore". It is not I who is crazy, it's you my friend, I think to myself, while screaming at me again softly whispers into the ear without. What is wrong not only with you, I think, you're manic depressive, you have an aggression problem? I just want to express my thoughts when I first guitar neck and then a blood taste. This will be my end.

NAME can not but that I escape the chaos because, in my subconscious to become unconscious and go on with other strategy. It would have been "Empathic Communicator" that can also tell a coherent, 20-minute history. Instead, they prefer to divide it into four acts: "Part I: Homage To The Hunter (Unconscious Incompetence)", "Part II: Bee Bee (Conscious Incompetence)", "Part III: Your Sun Machine, Your Space Embracer (Conscious Competence)" and "Part IV: How To Murder The Earth (Unconscious Competence)". I am beginning to understand the intentions of the people that make me stand there and to realize that everything that happens here is cold calculus to me to destroy systematically. But not directly. For first they play me fantastically beautiful melodies, show me that they can do differently. Fast conciliatory one might think. I rely not on it. I close my eyes, I flee to another place, just to escape for a few seconds of torture. I reach for the saving hand. Realize too late that it is the wrong one and I'm back in the cell. Once again, buzzing around comic characters: "The Sycophant, The Saint & The Gamefox", rear sitting in the corner "Dave Mustaine," but I do not know who that is, strangely enough only know his name before and I know not to do as all want here.

And then suddenly everything goes very quickly. The controlled chaos is uncontrolled. NAME over themselves to take no longer me apart, but operate on each other at the open chest. They destroy their melodies, their structure, they break down into its individual parts. Add them together again. Everything is in one sense. The missing puzzle piece is found, but has called for looking his victims. The white cell is mottled red, lifeless bodies lying around me, and I'm suddenly a straitjacket more. I found myself in the room and me dripping down blood. Only it's not mine. The camera pulls back from the Close-Up in the long shot and I myself see as a bloody, grinning diabolically monster with a giant knife in his hand. One of the lifeless figures turns her head to me and with great effort she shares with me spitting blood: "You'll Never Die in This Town Again". Before he spoke the words over, I ram my knife into the neck and sacs on the wet ground, where I breathe my last gasping breath. He was right, but I said yes, NAME are assholes.

Humorous interview with Wes & Jeremy for "All Shools Network"

1. Hey! This is Alex from Allschools Network. Thank you for taking the time to answer to a few of my questions. I hope everything is fine. Could you please at first introduce yourself?

Hi, Alex. My name is Wes and I'm the singer and guitarist of Name. And I'm Jeremy, Wes' brother and bassist of Name.

2. "Internet Killed The Audio Star“ is finally released? What kind of feeling is that and are you content with the result?

Wes: Its an incredible sigh of relief. It took so long to put these pieces together. Over the course of 4 or 5 years, we hit so many obstacles that held us back from finishing this record, that we started to think it wasn't going to happen at all. We wanted to get this out so badly, but we didn't want to rush the process, or else we would've just been unsatisfied and it would've defeated the purpose. But, to make a bad situation good, we managed to use that time spent and make a record that is almost the soundtrack to the trials and tribulations of us together and individually over the course of 5 years.

3. I still ask myself if the title of the album is a tribute to the Buggles „Video Killed The Radio Star“. Am I right and what was the idea behind that title?

W: The title is a play off of the Buggles song, yes. When "Video Killed The Radio Star" came out, it land marked the changing of the tide. The music industry, ethic, and aesthetic all changed practically over night. With the current state of music, we figure we'd just come forth and basically say "hey, we're all aware this is happening, so knock your bullshit off". We're just offering the moniker as a title to a new chapter.

4. I must admit, I was a over challenged by reviewing your album and I am very sorry, that I chose the words: „Name are assholes, because they play with my intellect and dismantle me without a warning.“. I hope you can live with that. Could you please try to explain to the people that have not heard of you yet in a few words how „Internet Killed The Audio Star“ sounds like?

W: haha that's amazing. I haven't actually read your review yet, but I definitely will now. I'd rather get that response from the majority then grotesque confusion without any willingness to open their mind. But, I guess, if I had to say anything about what IKTAS sounds like, I'd say "chaotic easy listening". An amalgam of everything we've enjoyed in live, not just music. So have an open mind when listening, or I guarantee intense bleeding from the eyes and probably an annoying bowel movement.

5. During listening to the album, I saw myself in a white room wearing a straitjacket. You were some kind of, yeah i think monsters, which tried to destroy me with their music and behavior. Do you see yourselves like that, too? (But let me tell you, in the end I was the monster that killed you, you made me do it, I am sorry again).

W: I don't see us so much as monsters, as I see us like obsessive, pussy, pale skinned vampires with massive foreheads that are undeniably uncomfortable for others to look at... Either way, I see us doing damage to various groups of the music scene.

6. Let me ask you a few questions referring to the album. My first one would be: Why did you divide Empathic Communicator into four parts instead of putting a song of like 20 Minutes on the album?

Jeremy: We did that for a few choice reasons; One being that we understand that the attention span of most people here on planet Earth has significantly diminished in the past few years with the development of modern technology at such an exponential rate, that can lead to distractions and what not, so by splicing it up into 4 parts gave the listener the choice of selecting the tracks that pertained to their mood, or gave the option of skipping through the "chapters" of the track. Because the song is a lot to take in at once, and we understood that. Secondly, we wanted to give 4 separate identities to the songs, they all are pretty different and it tells 4 different perspectives of one culminating concept.

7. I guess your inspiration comes from a dozen of different bands, musicians, experiences and so on. Your sound tells me that you do not want to stagnate in one genre and that you try to blast some barriers. But could you please name at least three of your most important inspirations for the music and the lyrics as well?

J: First and foremost we would have to say that one of our biggest inspirations to do anything, musically and lyrically would have to be George Carlin. He came from a place of reasoning, facts, cynicism, brutal honesty, and a way of crafting himself that could command an audience and make sure you knew what it is he was feeling and why he was feeling it. Also he was always shifting in his stand up where he could go on a serious tangent that would be offensive to most, and then offset everything by saying something completely off the wall without any transition or reason why, yet you were already captivated by his words. That kind of feeling is what we're trying to do with our art. Oh yeah, we get inspiration Tom Waits, and Pink Floyd...because they're fucking awesome.

8. Hands down, how many parts of your songs are really planned as they sound and has there been some kind of improvisation during the recording process? I´m not a musician but I can´t imagine, that everything of „Internet Killed The Audio Star“ was written in stone before you entered the studio, it´s just to screwy.

J: We had most of our songs and ideas already worked in before we had entered the studio. Some of the songs we've had for years, but decided to give them a sonic overhaul so it depicted where we are now rather than looking backwards. For example, the song "The Spark Of Divinity" was written 7 years ago, we've been playing it for so long, but we knew it was a good track, so we dismantled it and found this combination that worked and wanted to have it sound the way we do live, after playing it for so long. We're very meticulous with our sound, and sometimes it takes us a month to write 30 seconds worth of material, and other times it took us 1 day to write 2 songs. Your creative mindset can play tricks on you. But to be honest, most of the material was already written. I mean, of course the studio can act like another member of the band and gives you room for even more experimentation and development to put ideas into fruition. We like to mess around with sonic layers and weird recording techniques, but that's about it. The ground work for the album was already solidified going into the studio. It wasn't easy by any means, but somehow...we did it.

9. How long did the recording all in all take and how was the time in the studio? Fun or even hard work?

W: The recording process was an interesting gem. It seemed to span a lifetime because of how overly meticulous we are. Their were definitely fun times because its such an exciting platform for this band to finally give a heartbeat to these songs. We're birthing a new chapter into our lives, so we take it very seriously. But, we can't help but have fun with the energy in the room. It boiled down to 70% work, 30% pure fuckery. As Jeremy mentioned early, we like to take advantage of the resources of the studio, so to showcase our personality as honestly as possible via the music, we knew we needed to take a step back, relax, and re approach the pieces. Over all, the entire process was fun, but if you became a distraction, we'd eat you alive.

10. One user of our webzine said that your album is way better than the new Dillinger Escape Plan album called „Option Paralysis“. I think this is a great honor. But what do think about this statement?

W: That's incredibly flattering. We've never approached what we do with any intention of comparison. We do what we do our way, so to have someone say something like that is just so incredibly flattering. We enjoy that record and respect the DEP guys, but they're DEP. They've paved the road for a lot of bands in our genre. Its incredibly humbling.

11. Last question: What are The Sycophant, The Saint & The Gamefox and what the fuck have they done with Dave Mustaine (do you refer to Megadeth?) in my white cell?

W: They are the 3 stylists that keep his fiery, red, lava hair so shiny. Everyone needs a little suave in their metal.

12. Once again thank you very much for your time and I hope I did not insult you too much. Everything of this should be rated as a big compliment for an absolute incredible album. Thank you for that. Last words are up to you!

W: There's not a single fucking thing you could have said to insult us in any way, shape or form. We've had a blast with the interview and appreciate having a laid back approach. We're incredibly glad you enjoyed the record, but stop sucking our dicks so hard. Just joking.. Or am I? Anyways, spread the joy and majesty of the album to all of your cohorts. Everyone, give the album a chance and listen with an open mind. Also, follow us on all of forms of social networking over at,, and Add us on those pages and talk to us. Give us something to do on these websites other then become sexual predators. Cheers.

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Review from French metal magazine, "Metal Federation"

NAME - Internet Killed the audiostar
Released: April 19, 2010
Style: Mathcore, Hardcore epileptic
Label: Lifeforcerecords


01. Killer Whales, Man
02. My Sweetheart, The Whore
03. The Spark Of Divinity
04. Homage To The Hunter
05. Bee Bee
06. Your Sun Machine, Your Space Embracer
07. How To Murder The Earth
08. Pond
09. The sycophant, The Saint, And The Gamefox
10. Dave Mustaine
11. Swallow The Ocean
12. You'll Never Die In This Town Again
13. Charm

New Approach to Martyrs Expressions, this is what the NAME means, we understand why the group has cut everything. Note that this combo is an American trio recently signed to Lifeforce Records, who released they're new album in Europe two months after released in the United States.

Founded in 2003 by brothers Wes and Jeremy Fareas, NAME is an amalgam of Mathcore, Hardcore, Grindcore, Jazz and Electro, just that you say?? As you can imagine, the music of the combo is absolutely impossible to categorize. However, I will help you so you understand what is driving NAME. You take a bit of Dillinger Escape Plan, you sprinkle Converge, add a touch of Napalm Death, a strand of Between The Buried and Me and you give birth to New Approach to Martyrs Expressions. Let me tell you that this training is unique and distant from all preconceived ideas. The main strength that gives off this album is the incredible power of the compositions, it never stops, and it surprises us, continually changing pace where we do not expect it at all. A tribute to singer / guitarist who is very strong. He managed to evolve in a variety of voices within a song while maintaining incredible vigor.
Attending a live performance of the combo should be a sacred experience that should not be totally free. Also, be aware that the pieces usually last between five and seven minutes which is huge for a group of such intensity. Imagine that same title exceeds ten minutes. Fortunately for musicians, there are long passages almost prog that give them a needed relief. The album in its entirety encompasses thirteen tracks for seventy-seven minutes of music, which is very rare nowadays. But as I said previously, NAME is the opposite of what you can expect.
It must however admit that the cake as it is not apprehended as quickly as a disk Alizée. The effort could probably be hurting you during the first few minutes of listening, but you know, without doubt, you will appreciate this album shortly after.

For a true first album, Internet Killed the Audiostar wins the challenge with flying colors. Extravagant, stamped, but especially passionate and unpredictable, NAME deserves interest in them!

A stream priority: "The Sycophant, The Saint, And The Gamefox"

My rating: 18/20

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Live Videos

So recently, we have been getting tons of footage from shows these past few months. So figured id share them with ya:

name - "Empathic Communicator" Chapterts I - IV (Full Song) Live from name on Vimeo.

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An interesting read for musicians/bands...

"Does Your Band Have What it Takes?"

By David Lowry

So many times I have a meeting with bands after a call from one individual in the band that is carrying the load. While this can work and has happened in the past with certain groups, it is certainly an attempt at swimming up stream for the band and not fair to the individual doing all the work. Unless the band is at a point in their career where they can afford a team of management, PR, Booking, legal, graphic design, web design and photography, they need to be able to handle the bulk of this on their own, with the exception of legal of course.

A band is team of individuals that hopefully are all on the same page as to what the bands vision and goals are. It is up to each individual to carry his or her own weight and not pile all the responsibility upon one person. There is usually one person who is the "leader" but hopefully the band works on an equal basis unless ownership dictates otherwise. Each person needs to have defined roles and responsibilities and do their best to live up to them. If any individual is not pulling their weight they are slowing the band down or putting them at a stand still in the career path the band has chosen. This is not fair to the band.

I recommend that the band have a meeting or two on just business and have everyone pick the jobs they can do best or have time for. Not everyone may be able to put in the same amount of time or money, but that isn't the point. It's about taking some of the responsibility and sharing it so it isn't overwhelming one person and falling through the cracks. Things that need to be done are booking, social media, growing the fan base, email campaigns, business plans, marketing plans, tour management, press releases, endorsements etc… There are so many things that need to happen for a band to have maximum impact and everyone needs to help out and do their share. If the band is not able to handle a certain portion such as writing a marketing plan, then they should seek out professional help with this particular item to help them get to the next level.

Band agreements are a great way to get everyone on the same page, explain the expectations, pay structure, touring expectations, per diem, royalties, band ownership and so on. It should be drawn up by a lawyer and signed by everyone. If any member of the band can't sign it or is unwilling, they are probably not the right person for the band. Everyone needs to be willing to put in as much as they can both time and money wise. It should not be the responsibility of just one person unless it's just their name on the band.