Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy little green irish guy day!

Spring Break is here, St. Patrick's Day is here and the court just took away my daughter. My rampant alcoholism has never felt so validated. See you at graduation, Pookie! Save an awkward hug for mommy.

SOOOO, other then jokes and false information, another thing has landed, so strap in for some self-esteem boosting words, some laughs, and the next generation of stereotypes.

If you haven't noticed by now, our new record "Internet Killed The Audio Star" is slowly but surely contaminating music bins everwhere, so make sure to pick that up!!

Tour dates will also be announced soon so you little kiddies better be prepared for a sonic raping of sorts.

I'd like to also add at this point that we have landed a deal with Orange Amps, so youll be seeing the big, bright beautiful Orangey orange color on stage soon.

Last thing, just because we love you lots and lots, visit our merch store over at

Find something you like and input the code "audiostar" to get an addition 20% off!

Thats right, get 20% off of ANYTHING in the store!!

Just put in the code "audiostar" and help yourself!

Also, spread the love and have your friends add us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

More reviews and interviews on the way.

Thank you chitlens.

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