Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Metal Revolution Webzine" Review

Jeremiah found another review of the record on the Metal Revolution Webzine page. You can click the link below, or (since i'm so nice) take the lazy route and just read it here. Read on, readers.

"Blasting off with a truckload of penned up energy being released in a cascade of raw metal power, the first few seconds of this album promises much. And live up to those expectations it does, most certainly. An irrepressible feeling of awe as the vicious vocals perfectly mix with expert musicianship spew forth from every song on the album, ensures that one cannot help wanting to hear more.

On a few songs they experiment a little with changing the style a little, adding a sequence or in other ways doing something different from the main theme of the album, with mixed results. While I think the entire album is actually really good, there are a few parts that I think they could have left out, if for no other fact that it just isn't as powerful as the grander part of the album.

I must admit that I was wondering what sort of music it would be when I looked at the promotional the first time. A band called Name? An album called Internet Killed The Audiostar and a cover that looks very calm (for a lack of a better word,) all shrewdly shrouds the fact that this is a metal album that deserves both recognition and appreciation. The lyrics are perfect for the phenomenal vocals (or perhaps they are made so through that,) and the production leaves little waning. The sound all in all will to a professional musician perhaps not be perfect - there may be parts where some things are not technically perfect. But to hell with that, I like it!

I strongly suggest checking out "Mare," "Charmer" and "The Spark Of Divinity" all of which can be
heard on their MySpace.


(also, the whole album wont be up for much long to stream on our myspace, so soak it up.)

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