Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Review on Slugmag.com

Internet Killed the Audio Star
Lifeforce Records
Street 02.10
Name = Psypus + Cursed + The Chariot
If you like Between the Buried and Me half as much as the members of San Francisco's Name do, then you'll get a kick out of Internet Killed the Audio Star. That's not an insult-Name truly have crafted an album worthy of your time, combining legitimate musicianship with smart songwriting and unconventional lyricism. Wes Fareas' versatility as a vocalist is apparent, and though his attempts at melodic singing come across a bit emo, he hurls everything from a guttural growl to a strident screech like a pro. The album opener, "Killer Whales, Man," dazzles with technical prowess, then ends so thunderously that after first listen, I had to restart the track just to get my fill before moving on. I will say that this album is long, at almost an hour and 20 minutes, but despite the fat, IKAS is a healthy portion of tasty metal worth the chewing.

-Andrew Roy


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