Sunday, May 24, 2009

Viva Lost Wages

So, its been awhile since we have posted anything and we apologize for that. We have been hard at work being human beings and working for the man to make way for this upcoming tour.. This shits gonna make the "Oregon Trail" look like "Win a Date With Tad Hamilton"...

Here are a few fliers.. For one, we have a last minute added show in San Francisco with Embrace The End and our home skillets in Rise Of Caligula, so come hang out. Its gonna be insane. We'll be playing alot of new tracks. So come here the smallest orchestra in the world tear it up.

May 25th, 2009

And heres the Vegas show, which you BETTER fucking be there for, NEVADA!!! Its gonna be pretty much retarded how insane its going to be.

June 6th, 2009

Here are all the current dates.

May 25 2009
The Elbo Room w/ Embrace The End, Rise of Caligula in San Francisco, California

June 5 2009
Whiskey Dicks in South Lake Tahoe, California

June 6 2009
East Side Joes w/ I Am The Ocean, Destroy All Operating Systems in Las Vegas, Nevada

June 11 2009
Paradise Lost w/ Armed For Apocalypse in Chico, California

June 13 2009
Lucky’s Pizza in Dublin, California

We're trying to fill the gaps with more dates, but we'll let you know when we know. If you can help out at all, hit us up on

Come hang out, you know you want to. No reason not to.. So stop being a bitch, man up like John Connor, and make it out!!

HUGE tour shit coming your way, so keep your eyes open.

love you mean it.

- the Resistance aka .W.

Friday, May 1, 2009

It's been cold and rainy all day, and when we first started posting these blogs it was rediculously hot... Fuck me, right?

Alright so we're done with day 10, we've still got some mixing and mastering to do but as far as tracking and principal mixing goes we are DONE. I've been making video logs over the past few days, we really need to start uploading them damn things. I'm really glad I stuck around to co-produce this record, I'm so happy with the end result of all the extra work I and the rest of us put in. No compromises. Samuel Pura is the most hyper pothead I've ever seen in my life. He just runs around the studio acting like a crackhead all day, yet takes frequent bongload breaks. He's the exact reciprocal of drinking copious amounts of coffee and then falling asleep. It's weird. Soooooo can't wait for you guys to hear this shit. We'll be posting the release date within the next few weeks. Thanks for reading, assbags.

This album is zero bullshit...

Day 10: The End Is Nigh...

So, im done with all my vocal parts. We're mixing the record. Im making it a point to be overly critical and meticulous because of the the weight on my shoulders to ensure the best possible record. We're incredibly happy with the tone and personality given to these songs. The album as a whole is going to sound more as a soundtrack, then a record. We're cutting it incredibly close with the time limit on the CD, but hey, fuck it. More bang for your buck.

You really need to keep in open mind with this record, or else you'll get lost. Undeniably. We'll definetly be posting lyrics as the songs hit the public because the lyrics coincide with the musical journey. This isnt just me screaming over heavy parts and singing over soft. This is an amalgam of every idea we have had over the course of years of working together and writing. So much so, that we have material to cover a little over half of the next record... and thats if we continue writing epics..

We havent been taking very many pictures these past few days as it has been more me either singing, or critiquing. We did have my good friend/photographer Lynneth come in and take some shots of the atmosphere and us being goof balls.

We also have had video going for this week, so youll have some footage up within due time.

Keep checking back though, even though we're done with the record, doesnt mean we arent going to update you on the release, artwork, merch, and................TOUR! BOOM, there it is. That just happened.

Feel it, feel it.

If youre in the merced area next week, come out and hear some tunes..

"If youre fighting, you've already one"