Friday, March 12, 2010

Incredible Review on "SMN News"

San Francisco experi-metallers NAME have created one of the most creative releases of the year so far. The way NAME takes metal with such an open mind is incredible. If one were to compare, think a mixture of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, and maybe some Genghis Tron, and NAME takes these influences, combines them, and finds a way to make their own sound. Their latest Lifeforce Records release Internet Killed The Audio Star is beautiful with all of its rich melodies and elaborate soundscapes, while at the same time on the heavy side, absolutely craaaaazy! The album is a great play from start to finish, and is definitely a thinker. Do you really think you know what metal sounds like?

Internet Killed The Audio Star mixes progressive metal, technical and obscure structures, groovy jazz rhythms, and pretty much everything in between - these guys aren't your average musicians. And would you shit yourself if I told you that NAME is a threesome?! Yes, the 3 band members create this colossal of a sound. Guitarist/vocalist Wes Fareas puts on one hell of a performance with his bluesy and jam-based clean vocals, and he's tearing off faces the next second with deep and sincere screams. NAME's transitions are really going to catch you off guard (in a good way).

Like a bull in a china shop, NAME opens up Internet Killed The Audio Star with "Killer Whales, Man", and bring back that crazy and techy mathcore sound, and sprinkle on some mean distortion, too. Next up is "My Sweetheart, The Whore", and holy shit does NAME catch you off guard! The approach here takes some polyrhythmic breaks, tons of speed, and the delicacy of the clean rhythm almost explains the song title as if you had to deal with this sweetheart/whore, sweet (clean rhythm) one second, whore (brutal mathcore) out of the blue the next. Brilliant song! The 4 part epic of "Empathic Communicator" shows an expansive NAME, and each part lets loose all sorts of hell. Sometimes I wonder if these guys are on speed, because of their off tempo mathcore greatness, then a Deftones influence pops up, then later some ambiance, and like I've said before, they really catch you off guard. Point being, there is so much good influence being drawn into Internet Killed The Audio Star that hell, you could just call this release as a tribute to music as a whole. The heavier more straight forward side of NAME comes out in such songs like "The Spark Of Divinity" and "Mare", but keep in mind these still aren't your average metal songs.

NAME saves the best for last on Internet Killed The Audio Star with "Charmer", and let me tell you this is the jam right here! An eerie and experimental soundscape claws along in the intro complimenting Wes Fareas' creepy yet catchy clean vocals, to only be blasted away by some huge melody. The verses go psycho, and "Charmer" is quite the charming song (yeah, pun intended) for those metal minded. The guitar tones in this badboy are different, and I love the production done here. Anyways, "Charmer" is going to move you, and this is a side of NAME I'd like to see some more - possibly a new musical direction, boys?

ee, I like those metal albums that I'm not going to expect when to headbang, unlike much of the generic metal these days you already can tell when the heavy part is building up. Internet Killed The Audio Star is bloody fucking brilliant, and this is the type of album that will grow on you. I mean, you're not going to catch every single detail within first listen, though NAME will create a great first impression. Keep this one in constant rotation to witness its true beauty. There is a difference between want and need, and I'm telling you with all honesty, you NEED to go buy this album now! NAME could very much brand their name (no pun intended) in the future of metal; the future by keeping the unique side of metal alive.


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