Monday, September 29, 2008

Name For A Cowboy

So we received a review on the current material for our upcoming release, "Internet Killed The Audio Star".

"Name is an extremely promising group... The songs from Internet Killed the Audio Star showcase a lot of potential... Give Name a listen as they seem to have their brand of experimental hardcore/metal down better than much of their competition..."

Thats just a TASTE. If you want some GOOD shit, you gotta show me duh money.... Or click on this link:

Name.. Like THRILLER an' shit...

So cruising "y'all tube", I came across an old music video done for the song "The Spark Of Divinity" off our first record, "Portrait" ... It was done by our good friend Brandon Hunt for fun and film school. We set out to make an uber-campy zombie flick of a video. See for yourself and shake your head at the majesty.

(video features previous members Chris Esposito [guitar] and Bobby Gibbs [drums])

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, this is our new blog page.. GOD I hate that word... Isnt it ugly? Like some regurgitated obscenity... Anyways, this will be the place to be for random videos, interviews, pics, and dicks.... So keep checking back, friendo's...

On a day off on our headlining "Lose The Shirt" tour, in Pittsburgh, PA, we went to visit our old guitarist and good friend Keller in The Red Chord... It was good friend Candaces (Walls of Jericho) and Guys birthday... So in the beggining of this vid, youll see all of us Name guys on stage... watch for Guy's birthday nipple twist..