Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wesley's Interview w/ Fuze Magazine

(The interview was with European publication, Fuze Magazine... The theme of the short interview revolved around our name and the idea behind names in general. This is to be somewhat of a teaser to a bigger piece that will be written later on. The interview is with myself, Wesley.)

1) How important is the name of a band in general?

- I feel, weither you like it or not, it plays a vital roll in the perception of your music and nature to others.. Regardless if people are aware consciously or sub-consciously, it places a pre conceived notion at the forefront of their expectations of you. A lot of bands disregard that and, basically, just recycle the same names over and over again, especting people to take them seriously. By time they realize it, its to late.

2) What’s the meaning behind your band name? What do you want to
express with it?

- I always say it has 3 basic meanings. 1) It means "the new approach to martyrs expressions".. Which means we have always approached things with our art OUR way and we believe in it enough to die for. 2) Its slightly tounge-in-cheek. Who names their band NAME? Haha people either like it or hate it, but they never forget it. 3) The name clouds the listeners assumption of what we sound like. If you hear the names Cannibal Corpse or Dying Fetus, you think death metal.. "Name" makes you have to listen to know what we're about.

3) Whose idea was it to call your band NAME?

- It was mine (Wes). At the time, we had an old band that had broken up. When we had decided to get back together (most of the originals anyways) we agreed that it was a totally different band, just with familiar people. So when we had looked for a name to describe where we were at and after a few choices, I happened to have this name that made a lot of sense.

4) What are the advantages/disadvantages of naming a band NAME?

- Haha more then youd think. It has made it hard for others to find us online, being that we live in a digital age. But its allowed us to be part of most social networking sites out there, making it capable to be in contact with anyone who enjoys our music directly. But there inlies an advantage. We enjoy the fact we can remain connected with anyone who has given us a chance.

5) If your band name wouldn’t be NAME how would you call your band?

- One of the original names we were writing under for awhile was called "The Rise and Fall of Liars", which we obviously abandoned. But that title will definetly pop up very soon.

6) What are the best/worst band names you’ve ever heard?=

Band names that bug the shit out of me include all these carbon copy bands that include 2 or more of the following words, such as "bleeding", "blood", "autumn", a girls name, a word with complicated spelling and no relevance to the music itself in an attempt to confuse you into thinking theyre metal, etc. Names I DO enjoy personally, are usually the 1 word names or somewhat sarcastic names, which I feel shows personality. Such as, Them Crooked Vultures, Converge, Isis, Cynic, Muse, Baroness, I Am The Ocean, Intronaut, Swallow The Sun, Mono, Neurosis, Old Man Gloom, Cave In, Pelican, A Storm of Light, Year of No Light, Narrows, Young Widows, Yes, Wolves In The Throne Room, and others I cant think of at the moment. Let it be known I am jealous of every single one of those names, haha.