Friday, April 9, 2010

Very kind review by German Metal Zine "Neakbreaker"

Why now do you bother to think up a possible original band name, if afterwards you all sound the same somehow? The NAME of the Californians make it easy as can be seen obviously.
Yet behind the subtle, at first, name stands for the "New Approach To Martyrs Expressions," makes the whole thing again look more complex - could be what we would have already reached through the musical aspect: So extravagant are all the band songs, so is the Music this in every way. Intermediate mathcore, jazz and blues have set up their tents and are camping in NAME, then in your heart.

Since 2003, the team of the Fareas-brothers, after having a few EPs and a full-length disc, the renowned LIFEFORCE Records has fished these chaotic delicacies - with success I think!
For in these almost 80 minutes so much happened that the listener needs some time to be able to grasp and understand the complete spectrum. To be honest, this is not even succeeded, although "Internet Killed The Audio Star" (a more than true title, "The Buggles revisited" one might think, but a discussion would inform certainly beyond the scope) is now already the number two-rotation in the player behind him!

An extravagant four-part called "Empathic Communicator" has its place, as well as a ten-minute opus called "The Sycophant, The Saint & The Gamefox" attracts chill lounge atmosphere with which the listener could think he was only on the wrong track, then surrounds him with the chaotic, unpredictable, but however always comprehensible structures. Puff! A really heavy lump, that!
Nevertheless, the catchiness dominates NAMEs: Alone at the End-Riff Opener "Killer Whales, Man" grooves into fat DOWN-manner, the same thing happened to part two of the above-mentioned four-part, "Bee Bee (Conscious Incompetence)". They are joined by many a clean-sung part, ambient-offsets, blues excursions ("Mare") and everything in between... I would still make tame, tagged "Internet Killed The Audio Star" has already done it anyway - I dare to even approach this more as an exceptional piece of music! What does it but with the track "Dave Mustaine" is all about, I can hardly understand because of the song does not understand now - the strange humor of the trio after a corruption rather than an homage ... whatever!

Be Thankful that there are bands that are able to break the boundaries of the genre, clever and courageous, this one big "Chapeau!". With a lot of patience, a sense of extraordinary ideas and the necessary openness, NAME will be able to inspire you.

8 out of 10


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