Monday, April 19, 2010

"Internet Killed The Audio Star" NOW IN EUROPE!

Our album comes out today in Europe, so if you live across the pond, get into it!!!

Also, it's almost Earth Day. Or, as you know it, the day Google somehow works a tree into its logo. Anyway, remember not to change your behavior or the Earth wins.
To truly celebrate Earth, buy our new album (America: Europe: Or for you Itunes fanatics:

Proceeds go to me, then my neighborhood liqour store, then some guys I don't know, and ultimately end up in the hands of a Mexican drug lord. If that's not eco-friendly, I don't care what is.

So, check it out! Roughly 10 bucks for 13 tracks and a fucking soundtrack of music. Give it a clicky clicky.

Also, I know you folks have them. Add us on Facebook. If thats where its at, then ADD us.


And if you have a Twitter, dont be a fuckin' prude, add us there too!

We've been shooting out clues as to how and get free shit via our Twitter, and not enough of you are listening up!!

So do it up.

Also, if you want a FREE autographed copy of Outburn, send your info to


Thats all I got.

Europe! GET INTO IT!!!

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