Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Review by French Mag "Addictif Zine"

(I translated this directly, made only a few edits to have it make a bit more sense.)

"Internet Killed The Audio Star"

Besides the title track, nice nod to the old tube of 80s Buggles, this group from the Bay Area of California is not in irony and lightness. Quite the contrary. Its metal has more to do with mathematics or music schools. You know the type?

After the math rock, mathcore, the math metal? Why not. It is not a label closely. Especially since it corresponds to NAME. Its metal has nothing in common. Instead, it is almost everything but metal. Pop, thrash, jazz, blues, free-rock, death metal, hardcore, emo, screamo, progressive... NAME is mixed into a menu with exotic flavors and sometimes innovative. Inevitably, during this gargantuan meal, savor the food balanced, subtly flavored, while others, too fat or too spicy, we will return the flop. Thus, we like the NAME foutraque, which casts a grindcore athletic like The Locust, Death or stuffed jazz elements recalling Painkiller... We also appreciated the progressive NAME during his "Empathic Communicator" piece in 4 movements turn spicy or sweet when he borrows the ways of Neurosis, Coheed And Cambria or Dillinger Escape Plan. In other experiments, the grub is hard to pass, but it remains a matter of taste. Generally, NAME is doing well behind their stove. Their eccentricity is an advantage (they leave the ground) as a disadvantage (it becomes a group for musicians), but it is undeniable that it distracts as much fun. And that's not bad.

- Jose Maria

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