Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Song by song review of IKTAS by "Exception Factory"

Band: Name
Title: Internet Killed The Audio Star
Label: Lifeforce Records
Written by: Chris Egger

The Bay Area has not necessarily only provided Thrash Metal, established in 2003, California band NAME present their new album "Internet Killed The Audio Star". Therefore, what a surprise. Lifeforce Records offers the next album on the market.

"Killer Whales, Man" offers an equal mix of grindcore, hardcore and some thrash. Instrumental wise the guys are quite on it, but somehow it all sounds as you would not know what we want.

"My Sweetheart, The Whore" is basically at the point where you started before. Grindcore, somewhat progressive death metal, then again something hardcore to you then even floats in Porcupine Tree like spheres. However, it remains in spite of the instrumental masterpiece just a tough mix.

"The Spark of Divinity" start again as a Hardcore song increases, but in the course of the song through the use of clean vocals and its powerful piece of modern metal before it again turns to the very progressive sound from the start.

"Empathic Communicator: Part I: Homage To The Hunter (Unconscious Incompetence), Empathic Communicator: Part II: Bee Bee (Conscious Incompetence), Empathic Communicator: Part III: Your Sun Machine, Your Space Embracer (Conscious Competence) and Empathic Communicator: Part IV: How To Murder The Earth (Unconscious Competence)" provide a relatively diverse, but still quite busy sound that is best in the Mathcore direction to plug end. Instrumentally good, somehow just vocally demanding, as this cry was heard in some way to ever better quality. It also drifts into something jazzy and progessive rock parts, where again the clear singing provides some cheer.

"Mare" has actually gone where they have already started where the other pieces were. Partial Mathcore then jazzy sounds. Musically, certainly a great challenge for the listener.

"The Sycophant, The Saint & The Gamefox" offers some quiet guitar sounds but then again harder. With 10 minutes clear the longest piece of the album.

Why the next piece is probably only "Dave Mustaine". NAMEs brand of grindcore / hardcore mixed with synth-pop song and cruel at the end. On to the next song.

"Avaler l'Océan" again shows the versatility of the Americans, from hardcore to progressive rock is again much about it.

"You'll Never Die in This Town Again" is very quiet, very close to Porcupine Tree.

This style is continued at the beginning of "Charmer", before being bludgeoned properly.

Conclusion: can be exhausting for the listener, but musically very first cream (top notch). The guys showcase a lot on it, but maybe a little work on the mix.

01. Killer Whales, Man 03:45
02. My Sweetheart, The Whore 05:40
03. The Spark Of Divinity 06:22
04th Empathic Communicator, Part I: Homage To The Hunter (Unconscious Incompetence) 02:32
05th Empathic Communicator, Part II: Beebee (Conscious Incompetence) 03:56
06th Empathic Communicator, Part III: Your Sun Machine, Your Space Embracer (Conscious Competence) 06:26
07th Empathic Communicator, Part IV: How To Murder The Earth (Unconscious Competence) 07:00
08th Mare 09:00
09th The Sycophant, The Saint And The Gamefox 10:13
10th Dave Mustaine 07:00
11th Avaler l'Ocean 05:02
12th You'll Never Die in This Town Again 05:24
13th Charmer 05:15

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Line Up

Wes Fareas (vocals & guitar)
Jeremy Fareas (bass)
Bobby Gibbs (drums)