Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A review from the European "Aristocrazia Webzine"

NAME is one of those formations which the adjective is the only test that can define a sound that defined everything except monotonous or static.
They live on bluster and finishes, and funky jazz, grindcore and moments of death, in practice they do not really miss anything.
Lifeforce Records debut in "Internet Killed The Audio Star" album out by conventional, seventy-seven minutes of madness unleashed swinging that always manages to surprise, but unfortunately not only in a positive way.
We are facing a band that technically is nothing short of excellent cooking of mixing genres and with a view that aims high but ends up looking over at times stuck with their solutions in the long run tend to weaken the real value of the pieces.

Diversifying is the key word, it begins with Mathcore "Killer Whales, Man" to then find themselves thrown into the world of funk / jazz of "My Sweetheart The Whore" combines shares of a violent alternating soft like souls possessed by much contrasting yet need each other.

The combination of "The Spark of Divinity" / "Mare" is torn by aggression, breaks clean when the sudden voice in clean takes off, becoming noted for the blues that flows in the veins of riffmaker. Strange that the quartet of "Empathic Communicator" almost smell the epic highlights in full compositional skills and extensive development of NAME but sometimes limps for passages that tend to involve imploding on themselves on the potential of the route.

The second part of the disc does not have big drops, relegating the task of raising your head to the final trio, coupled with the closing on their shields.

"You'll Never Die in This Town Again" is an instrumental inspired and intriguing and "Charmer" leads straight to the setting of the work with its psychedelic sound expressions.
Regarding enforcement, there is little you can complain about kids, though its very risky to go ahead and blows up, the more styles and influences combine in a single frame carrier still has some edge to polish: especially the aspect of voice prompts when scratching and screaming is a real gun, but when it shows as clean and yes sussurante can even move all the obsessive variety of songs.
"Internet Killed Star Audio", as the first album is more than enough. It has laid a solid foundation on which to define and elaborate the riffing and vocal lines in the future.
We could call it premature, such as living by instinct and instinct I suggest you do not miss the pleasure of listening to and understanding Name: we'll hear more about them for sure.

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