Monday, February 22, 2010

Review snippets

Found some fun review quips I figured i'd share with you all.

"When discussing Name's debut album Internet Killed The Audio Star, one word comes to mind: unpredictable. For 77 minutes, the band goes through a wide spectrum of genres, from progressive metal to jazz-fusion. Name is comfortable with pushing songs into lengths usually reserved for bands like Between The Buried and Me, especially with the four-part epic "Empathic Communicator." Clocking in at 20 minutes, it is the centerpiece of the album and one of the clear indications that Name has immense talent."

"Their talent is evident on much of the material on Internet Killed The Audio Star. "The Spark Of Divinity" starts out aggressively, but deviates into a melodic breakdown with soaring clean vocals. "Mare" is in the same vein, highlighted by bluesy guitar work and a piercing screech at the end that could make a baby cry. Throughout all the madness, the rhythm section is the stand-out. Bassist Jeremy Fareas channels Dan Briggs, Geddy Lee, and Les Claypool with his funky leads and slap work, while drummer Bobby Gibbs is versatile with his jazz-infused fills and loose playing style. The clean vocals are a mixed bag. They are a perfect backdrop, lush and emotional. "

"Name will be a big band to look out for in the near future; their debut is proof of that."