Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I have a funny anecdote to share. Last night, same as every night, I was minding the local glory-hole. Long, short, smelly, curved, same old routine. But then, well, you kind of had to be there. But long story short, Gary Busey no longer has a penis.

Anyway, the album is FINALLY here! Such a long fucking time in the making. We were hoping this wasnt Chinese Democracy 2. It's packed with unintentionally awesome riffs, intentionally awesome cowbell, and an a theme that either supports or mocks homosexuals. People see what they want to see, you know. Now I'm going to go see some new XBOX360.

We also have 6 new shirt designs available as part of our "WE HAVE NER MERCH" program. So, check those out at www.alexamachine.com

On a sincere note, thank you to everyone who has ever supported us while we've worked on this record in anyway at ANYTIME. I know bands rant like this a lot, but a lot of you dont know how much of a uphill battle this whole thing was. Its been a rough few years but we kept moving forward. Now we have this piece of our hearts on disc to share with you folks. We're very proud of this record and hope you listen to it with an open mind. Im sure I speak for Bobby and Jeremy when I say we sincerely appreciate literally every single one of you who have either asked us about the band, came to a show, bought us a drink, bought a shirt, sang the songs, drop our van, plugged us in, ran our sound, gave us couches to sleep on, hugged us after the show or listened to our songs with an open mind and open heart.

We love you. We wish there was more we could do for you... But we now have the rest of our lives to make it up to you.

"Internet Killed The Audio Star" - OUT NOW!



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