Monday, February 1, 2010

Review from Pandemonium TV (Costa Rica)

Our new album was recently reviewed over at Pandemonium TV. The whole thing was written in Spanish, so here is a rough translation. (the original version is found at the link below):

"Often a disc requires time to be digested completely. In the case of New Approach to Martyrs Expressions (or NAME, for the not initiated), the assimilation process was something long, mainly because its quite complex and dissonant music, with a particular structure that can be aberrant until for the most abierto from listening. And it is that basically the style of these musicians is a mixture of so many different sorts that in many occasions their subjects feel like a kick to the brain; the route of sounds includes from Death Metal to Jazz, happening through Progressive, Environmental Metal, Hardcore and Grindcore, although a simple way to describe it is like Math Metal. Given the very particular nature of each one of the styles that NAME incorporates, it is easy to imagine why all will not be very consenting as to give an opportunity to this album, but does not fit doubt that if they have in them to listen this band they will give account that here is quality given. The subjects generally are not extensive and that is something that works without doubt in favor of the band, since it helps to make it easy to listen to all the album by parts when simply the musical madness cannot be resisted that is present during the hour that includes this recording. Concerning songs, each one is quite different from the other and the unique thing thats shared is that manic and eccentric sound, but one of the memorable moments on "Internet Killed The Audiostar comes" comes in the form of a tetralogy called 'Empathic Communicator', where we can appreciate of complete way as these boys make an unfolding of technical abilities. Four threaded subjects, of discreet way, shows an influence of bands like Muse and Tool. If somebody likes of changing material and underground enough, NAME would have to be an excellent election, since as I said previously propose a very eclectic style and until certain point transgressor. It is very good music and with an even better execution, but the amount of present elements in the disc are in such a volatile form, that with which a subject perhaps changing on a second, could be too much for most preservative. Internet Killed The Audiostar is a disc that takes time to appreciate and to digest since he is extremely angular. But give them the opportunity and you would find an excellent material to strengthen the great form with which this 2010 is starting. A purchase forced for followers of bands like Between The Buried and Me or The Dillinger Escape Plan.

- Qualification: 80/100"

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