Monday, February 22, 2010

"German Metal Hammer" Review

We recently received an album review in Europe for this months "German Metal Hammer" issue. The review was scanned and sent over to us, so bare with the rough translation from German to English. Even though there was a language barrier, they had some nice things to say. Check it out:

"With 'Dave Mustaine' name, from San Francisco, so far have an unconventional tribute (including the indie/dance-part) for the Megadeth front-man/composer. But that suits the trio to go against every rule. Thus INTERNET KILLED THE AUDIO STAR is certainly not for everyone. Here, one must grasp it piece for piece, every note, every scream and every sonic disintegration, in order to understand the overall work. With songs in the "short" ten-minute field is no easy task. Namely name knows how to make "Horfeinde" [?]. Wes Fareas' voice oscillates between the glass shattering screams and grungig tinged vocals. This supports the strings of his group with an experimental, sometimes staccato-like riffing. The spectrum ranges from about jazz and grindcore to post individual sound collages. However, the Californians do take breaks from the hyper-intellectual look from the original cause, so theres always good straight sections for pure entertainment value. With INTERNET KILLED THE AUDIO STAR, they have managed to name a ten-year odyssey and finally publish an impressive, striking debut, which satisfies one's own creativity.

Songwritting: 5 Sound: 5 5/5"

"German Metal Hammer" also listed '...The Audio Star' in the Top 30 Albums in their "Soundscan" segment.

Pretty awesome.

(ill post the scanned image of both the soundscan and review soon)

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