Friday, April 17, 2009

Name Killed The Audio Star

So we finally finished pre-production on the album last night, and I must say...this album is going to cause quite a stir, its quite eclectic, a little jazzy,heavy, pretty, jammy, noisey, doomy, quiet, artsy, fast, slow, and everything else you could imagine..I'm quite proud of how this album has shaped up. I'll break down this album and its tracks for you, the way it will be on the album

1. Killer Whales, Man: go to our myspace.

2.My Sweetheart, The Whore- check it online

3. The Spark Of Divinity- Its an older song we recorded off of our older crap..I mean album "portrait". Its fast, slight hints of Sepultura and Majority Rule in there, anyone who's seen us play in the past 6 years will know this song. Yes, its an oldey, but goodey. We wanted this song to reach the masses and not let it go unnoticed, it was always one of our favorite to play live, especially the ending. We have a live recording of it on our demo we released at our shows. So if you have that then you already know about the audio apocolypse that will reign upon your ears (I sound so lame).

4. The Empathic Communicator; Unconscious Incompetence Part I- (Homage To The Hunter): As if you haven't noticed, we enjoy long titles for songs... So this song starts off to one of the most epic endeavors we've ventured on thus far, we wanted to have a song with all the central themes to it, but have 4 seperate takes on it musically. This particular passage is very Neurosis-y, its a bit darker and has some minor riffing on it, its dirty, chunky and incorporates a lot of aspects of metal we really enjoy listening to. We've been playing it live for the past few months. And we've rounded out the intensity of it, which is a great way to start of this odyssey. We broke up the segments onto 4 tracks instead of one long song so people can seperate the feelings individually or skip directly to a song depending on one's mood. It'll make sense when the album is released.

5. Part II; Unconscious Competence (BB): We wanted this part to be a little more intense, more grindy, Wes and I are pretty gay for Napalm Death, so we angeled some of the sound to be reminiscient of 90's Grind, when it was dark and dank. We threw in some slower grooves to make it rock-outable, and I love riffy shit, so we threw some all around crazy riffing, technically-minded passages, it blends well.

6. Part III; Conscious Comptence (Your Sun Machine, Your Space Embracer)- so this part is REALLY different for us musically. Its definetly a little more straight forward, and is bass driven but more of a rock-y 70's prog/ Cave In feel to it, its a lot of fun, and its a little brigter in tone than anything we've ever done, We have a couple parts which has been descibed as "John Tesh playing in a forest" feel to it. I like it a lot though, we have a big alternative, chorus type segment in it which makes for some 90's rock ballad shit. And then we take the song and rape it and make it supppper dark (we can't have EVERYTHING be happy, ya know?)

7. Part IV; Conscious Incompetence (How To Murder The Earth)- The final chapter in this is nothing short of pure blackness and discomfort, its almost like what you would hear at a funeral; very sad, cold, and slight disorientation (much like MTV's 'The Hills') Its the most dark song we have, it defientley sets a mood. We have an intense ending for it which I think will close out the song perfectly.

8. Mare- Look for "new song" the original title of this was "Spring Break".

9. The Sycophant, The Saint And The Gamefox- check out our myspace. Epic song. Hurts my fuckin hands trying to play, with all dat tappin' on da bass mahn.

10. Dave Mustaine- check out the myspace. People ask us all the time why we titled this song the way it is, but that'll be explained in due time :)

11. Untitled- ya, not very original title, but we don't have a name for it just yet, this is one of the most fun songs we've written, its WAYYYY jammy, very Mahavishnu Orchestra meets Nasum meets Santana kinda thing. Its gonna show people more of what we're capable of.

12. You'll Never Die In This Town Again- think of johnny Cash had sex with Robin Guthrie on an iceburg in Greenland, you'd get this song. Darker in tone, we'll have some surprises in the studio to round out this song.

13. Charmer- ahhh, the end of the album, I don't want to give too much away, its just a good track...good closer, a bit strayed from the path as far as closers for albums go...

K? That was my John Madden play by play minus all the fun yellow circles and X's all over the place. this album is probably gonna clock in around 78 mins....yup....lots of musak for y'all. Alright, love you. Bye


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