Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 5: "Bomb Sauce"

So, were in this cave for the 5th day, got a week to go, then we'll have ourselves a finished little compact disc for tunage for ya. We are sans Bobby today, as Jeremy and I track all second guitars and eventually moving to bass. The guitar tone we have is almost TO fucking good. Sam did his research and got the heavy tone we have craved. Not METAL, just HEAVY as hell. Crystal fucking clear.

Anyways, we're working on the Empathic tracks right now. I just did the 2nd geetarz on Part 2, while Jeremy is now working on Part 1. We should be done with all of them soon..

(2 hours later..)

So Empathic is done, we're on to the re-recording of Dave Mustaine (yes, the secret is out, we are re-recording the track named after that lovable character with bright red lava hair). It sounds a lot more in the direction we wanted to, originally.

We should be moving to bass soon, getting a couple noise parts out of the way. Having fun with a few vintage, maniacal sounding pedals. Its helping the songs sound incredibly evil... WOODOO METAL!..

Ill be posting pictures soon, so keep checking back. Love ya mean it.

- Wes

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