Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 9 nom-nooooms

Alright so vocals are totally done, we're adding one last guitar part and then we start mixin this ma facker. We got Topcat comin in tomorrow, he's a badass street saxaphone player that we're having do some improv for one of the tracks. I've been getting pretty lethargic over the past week so I know my blog entrees have been getting shorter and shorter. Sorry? No, fuck that. And fuck you. Because you have a mullet, and mullets are awesome. And I like cheese. No I don't. Because I'm vegan, and vegans don't have mullets. Except maybe a few of them. Er, us. Which is awesome. Like cheese. No, it's not. See, lethargic. Wes likes cheese. He's not a vegan. He doesn't have a mullet either. Cock sauce.


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