Friday, April 3, 2009

..and introducing: Bobbo The Carpathian

Hey people. I know NAME has met a lot of new friends and fans over the past few years while I was away, so let me go ahead and re-introduce myself. I’m Bobby. I’m the drummer you’re hearing when you listen to the mp3s on the Myspace page. I’ve been in and out of this band since the beginning. I think this is my…… 5th time back? So basically it’s never really a big deal to anyone when I start playing with these guys again, so just go ahead and pretend like I was shaving my head and calling myself “Jeff” all last year. (Disclaimer: I like Jeff. He’s a smart guy and a good musician and I have a lot of respect for him, and so should you)

It feels good to be playing these songs again. I did a lot of amazing shit with music over the past few years, but nothing beats being reunited with these songs that I helped create, along with two of the biggest pains-in-the-asses on planet Earth, the Fareas brothers. None of us (including the songs, yes, I’m applying human attributes to our songs) skipped a beat. My first show back (San Francisco back in February) people were saying they felt like I had never left. Whew. Deep. I’m gonna cry, right outta my ass. Or bleed out of it. Bleeding anus metal..................................................................\m/..............

Anyways, we did a little weekend tour with Irepress and Battlefields through California last week. We got Mike Keller (formerly of The Red Chord, and fellow 'name' alumni) to fill in on guitar. That guy definitely progressed as a performer while he was doing the Red Chord thing, but I’ll talk more about that in a second. The tour started off kinda shitty because the show in Riverside was cancelled last minute due to double-booking. So there’s nothing really to talk about. I got kinda drunk that night. Ok. Really drunk. We have a reputation to fulfill people, c'mon......

The next day we played The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, which I think was a first for all of us. This is where I talk about how shocked I was at Keller when we hit that first note into “Killer Whales, Man”. The man nearly tore the roof off the damn place. He was always a passionate player, but damn. The rest of us have always been very ruthless up there, but I think he brought a new level of energy out of us. I really hope we get to share the stage with him more in the future. Anyways, we got a pretty good reaction out of the crowd, and later that night as we were enjoying our stay I began to reminisce about when I used to live there, and how much I miss the sleazy atmosphere. I discovered that I truly am an L.A. douchebag at heart................. You know I think that deep down, there’s a little L.A. douche-baggery in all of us.................and it warms my heart........... <3

The next date was in Chico, which is up past Sacramento a ways. To be honest none of us knew what to expect. We didn’t know how the folks up there were gonna react...... but FUCK you kids are CRAZY out there!!! Slamming the shit outta each other and everything, it was a breath of fresh air to have the crowd and us feed off of each other so psychotically like that. The Chico crowd truly blew us away. We WILL come back to you ASAP.

Well that was pretty much our weekend. We have A LOT of work ahead of us still, regarding the album. Fuck. Don’t get me wrong, we’re EXTREMELY excited about it, but I think after it’s over we’ll all be spending the next week locked in our rooms crying in the fetal position. This album has been years in the making, so it’s really gonna feel weird to have it in my hands in its final form.

Stay tuned for photos and videos of the recording process and other random shit, like me tea-bagging Jeremy after he passed out one night back in L.A...........................................................jus
t kidding...............?????????

-Bobbo the Carpathian

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