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Name – Internet Killed The Audio Star
Posted on 16/06/2010 by homenucleonics

Almost a decade ago Lars Ulrich and Metallica started the download age when they dragged Napster to court and managed to get them condemned. In hindsight Lars Ulrich and Co just opened the floodgate, because nowadays there’s torrent sites available everywhere. The whole digital revolution caused of lot of mayhem between the established artists and created new chances for more innovative bands. All these events are sarcastically commented on Internet Killed The Audio Star by Name.

Name is an acronym for New Approach to Martyrs Expressions and they unleash a barrage of Fantomas/The Dillinger Escape Plan/Mr Bungle inspired madness upon the masses. At first Internet Killed The Audio Star comes across as just one big incoherent mess of musical ideas. After a couple of intense listening sessions things really start to sink in and you’ll start to uncover the raw and unpolished gem that this album really is.

Freestyle jazz, breakdowns, death metal, progressive rock, funk and even a bit of blues, simply everything is allowed to make compositions like You’ll Never Die In This Town, The Spark Of Divinity, My Sweetheart The Whore, Mare and the different Empathic Communicator parts float. Transcending musical boundaries is the message here.

The vocals are just as varied as the music and encompass everything between screaming, growling and clean vocals. A special mention should go the rhythm section, because they are the glue holding the musical lunatic asylum that is Internet Killed The Audio Star together. This album has a somewhat raw production, giving it an even harsher edge.

If you’re into Fantomas, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr Bungle, Between The Buried And Me and Cephalic Carnage you should give this album a go. You won’t be disappointed.

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