Thursday, June 17, 2010

Awesome review by "Tempelores" from The Netherlands

Releasedate: 19-04-2010; Label: Lifeforce Records
By: Lara Cappelli

NAME (New Approach to Martyrs Expressions) is an American Experimental Metal band formed in 2003 by brothers Wes and Jeremy Fareas.

The experiment carried by Name is to put in their music as many styles as you can imagine, including Metal, Death, Grind and little of Jazz and Electro as well, although I’d definitely put this album into Metal. Right from the screaming start of “Killer Whales, Man” you take a deep breath and get into this chaotic and energetic atmosphere. Something that must be said is that “Internet Killed The Audiostar” atmosphere is far from being any relaxing; on the contrary, through the first couple of songs, NAME immediately demonstrate what they want to deliver: an aggressive but sometimes slightly overwhelming kind of music. The appreciable thing to point out here is the flexibility of the album that hardly gets repetitive, balancing the most brutal parts to some calmer melodies like the ones you find in the beginning of “The Sycophant, The Saint & The Gamefox” and “You’ll Never Die In This Town Again”.

There’s really a lot to find out in this album and even if initially all the elements found in there seem to be hardly linked to each other, afterwards the whole picture starts to get a bit clearer and for this, more appreciable.

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