Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bloody Zombies > Zombie Turkeys > Turkey...Presents?

You're not going to believe this. I was trying on my Halloween costume again and now I can't get it off. Oh well... I guess I'm stuck being "naked alcoholic" the rest of my life.

Hey, the middle of November is finally here. That means it's time for you to read this blog we just posted. And it's time for me to shave, "down there". That stuff is going to make a great Christmas present...

Make sure to follow the website to get details on new music and album details! By now, im sure you know all the necessary places to visit, but im not sure... Who knows. People are still huge morons. Didn't see that coming.

Makre sure to check our merch out, chances are some shit wont be reprinted, but there WILL be a slew of new swag for your sexy asses.

Make a bold fashion statement or just throw them in holy water and watch the church burst into flames. Up to you.

Anyways, hope you all are enjoying your days. I, personally, love this time of year. The birds finally shut up, the leaves are dying, the homeless are about to freeze and be scraped off the sidewalks... Plus I'm drunk. That puts a bright sheen on every season.

Love you, mean it.

- Wes

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