Monday, August 3, 2009

So you think you can dance/tan/blog/fuck?

Hello Internet people, just giving you the happenings. We're going back
into the studio to make some tweeks on the album so it sounds nice and
pretty. Then it will be ALL done. So then we can finally release some
tracks and all will be well, then you guys can like us again (insert
internet smiley face or wink, or whatever else "emoticon" you need to
validate your emotion) We're also mapping out our tour for the fall,
because once the album is released....we're going to be out there on the
road till we hate everything and end up doing Billy Ocean covers...which
wouldn't be ALL bad.....(maybe?)..I digress, the album, as we
aforementioned will be about 13 songs, and about 79 mins worth of
music...(a cd can only contain 80 mins) so you'll definitely be getting
your money's worth....that's assuming you BUY the album instead of
burning it or downloading which case...I should remind you that
the album is called "Internet Killed The Audio Star", for good don't be a dick, and support underground heavy music and
purchase it, when it comes out, I guess I'm just getting an early start
on my Lars Ulrich-type mentality. Anyways, that's it for now. Until


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