Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tyler Perry Is a Terrorist

So hopefully you actually give a shit enough to check this, if so, you get first dibs on some shit.

This the link to our new merch store, alot of designs are limited edition, we'll be posting more in the next day or so. But you can order it from anywhere in the world. From New York, To Malaysia. From Oz, to Fantasia.

Youre cooler then the strictly myspace cruisers ;).

So enjoy, hit it up.

Also, here is a new interview I did with Dark Muse Magazine -

1.- How would you describe your music?

W- Our music is an amalgam of anything and everything we have ever been inspired by. It's easy to throw out any label to aesthetically please a vast majority, but we never had that in mind when we started this band. It was more a chance to do things on our terms and see where it takes us. We're aggressive, yes. But that doesnt necessarily mean "metal" or "punk" or "hardcore".

2.- What inspires you when it comes to create new songs?

W- A collection of actions. Adaptation, connectivity, human error. We're really big people watchers, so the record itself is somewhat a social commentary and my personal interpretation of that discourse.

3.- As a band what is your biggest acomplishment??

W- Our ability to create honest music. I feel a lot of artists can get lost in the over saturation of the genre and scene we all belong to. I say it without ego that we have deliberately set out to do something collective and cerebral, to say the least. We're proud of what we have accomplished thus far and only look towards the future for what new mountains we could scale.

4.- Tell us about the touring experience (places you've been , shows , etc)

W- Well we have been a touring band for the past couple years, being a band for roughly 4 years now. We have managed to see a lot in that timeframe, more so on our most recent headlining "Lose The Shirt" tour we had in the summer of 2008. It was a brutal trek but an eye opener to say the least. Every area we play brings a new experience and an oppurtunity to meet new people in unfamiliar surroundings.

5.- Any plans for touring this year?

W- We do plan on hitting the road in spring of this year. We have a trek in late March, then 3 weeks in April. We'll be coming home to finish the record, then pretty much back out for the rest of the year. It'll definetly be a busy year for us.

6.- Do you guys have any plans for recording or making new material besides from your album and the EPs?

W- We have been spending a long time working on our upcoming album "Internet Killed The Audio Star", but so much keeps happening in prevention of FINISHING the release. We have finally been graced with the position and support to finish the record now that we have signed to Lifeforce Records.

7.- Which are the upcoming plans for the band?

W- Mostly just concentrating on finishing the record. We will be trying out all the material for the release on the upcoming tour, so chances are every night will see a different set list. That's definetly a good reason to come out to the shows.

8.- Where can people find your music?

W- Of course you can find us at the so ever godlike Myspace. is where you can find 4 demo versions of tracks that will be featured on the album. Of course, we're also scattered around the interweb. Just look for us on your favorite modern day high school kegger of a website.

9.- Any advices for the new bands?

W- Just remain honest to yourself, think realistically, and channel your integrity. To make any great thing work, it requires total conviction. Don't listen to other peoples bullshit, do what feels right. In the end, you will have achieved something most will never attain. Have fun, dont forget that music was built on a foundation of freedom and a positive outlet to channeling your opinions, anger, sadness, commentary, love letters, questions, and ventures. Repetition is the death of art, influence is the mother of design.

- W. Empire

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