Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chinese Democracy

What a gorgeous album THAT is, huh? One of the biggest budgets for any record in history and the record only sold 81,000 copies... Thats not even GOLD, coming out of a multi-PLATINUM group... Axl, sir... How the mighty have fallen.

I digress... Happy 2008, everybody! What? Geez, how did I miss an entire year? That's the last time I accept seven drinks simultaneously from a frat boy, a football player, an Asian guy holding duct tape, a roofie salesman, Roman Polanski, a guy running a tape measure between my legs, and a woman wearing a hoop skirt and a Hitler mask.

Anyway, the first thing of the year is here and we've got all the news and hate that's in it. There's also an optimistic look at 2009, to help you recover from the crapfest that was 2008.

Sooooo, in doing such, how are you folks? We have alot going on internally right now which we will be unveiling soon. I hate that everything needs to cook with us, I wish we could give you that shit RAW, but then it could all take a wrong turn somewhere and we'd look like assholes... and we dont wanna look like assholes, see?

We have some new tour dates, THAT we can feed to you little kiddies:

Mar 25 2009 - Che Cafe w/ Battlefields + Irepress in San Diego, California

Mar 26 2009 - Back to the Grind w/ Battlefields + Irepress in Riverside, California

Mar 27 2009 - The Knitting Factory w/ Battlefields + Irepress in Los Angeles, California

Mar 28 2009 - Thee Parkside w/ Battlefields + Irepress in San Francisco, California

Mar 29 2009 - Paradise Lost w/ Battlefields + Irepress + Armed for Apocalypse in Chico, California

So come hang out with us fucks.

We have been hard at work on the record, we're hoping to get into the studio around March before all the major touring begins. If all goes well in the writing process, youll be hearing some new music asap. We'll be trying out new material with all our dates, so theres a reason to come out. Record that shit. Bootleg the SHIT out of it. We dont give a flying pa-tootie... and by pa-tootie.. I meant fuck..

So anyways, love you mean it. Hit us up on the space ro say hello, hello.. and I leave you with this.

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