Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The road more traveled (clever, no?)

So we have been slacking with this update thing. So now that I have some time, I can fill you chitlins in on what has been happening. So obviously you guys know...or those of you who care i should say, we have been on the road for a while. We are currently on tour with East Of The Wall. First of all let me say, not only are those guys an amazing band. But they are one of the nicest group of gentlemen EVER. They have been so incredible to watch and hang out with every day thus far. So, Brett, Squid, Alf, and Conway...we love you...enough sentimental hokey pokey. We started our trek from San Francisco, to Houston, Houston to West Virginia, and then WV to Maryland, where tour officially started. Driving there was a pain in the ass to say the least. The shows have been pretty good thus far. This tour is called the "name of the wall" tour, but it really should be called the "cool people" tour (i think i could have done better on that one, but ive been riding in a van for 8 hours today, so suck it) because we have met some amazing people/bands along this trail. Highlights of shows include: Morgantown, WV, ATL, Hunstville Alabama, Hattiesburg Mississippi, and I really wish I could say New Orleans was a highlight, but I was so hammered when I played that I dont remember a damn thing. Ok, so typically I never drink before shows ever. But again with this whole claim of these "cool people" we have met, they are generous to touring bands, and I couldnt be rude and not accept drinks graciously haha. So NOLA, im very sorry for my debauchery...well not really but i guess its a nice gesture. More highlights: Reno fuckin Nevada...its always amazing to play there, always...Our friends in Otis always make us feel so at home. That brings us to SLC, one of the best shows on the tour, amazing people, amazing everything. It was at the Shred Shed. We also had our set recorded with pro audio/video. So we will have that up shortly. We are currently on our way to Denver to play a house show, it should be interesting. Oh yes I forgot to mention that we have been touring with the talented, young and vibrant Jowie "JAWA" Hernandez. (no one calls him jowie, so lets just keep referring to him by his god given nickname...thanks) he stepped up for us and came along this tour to fill in on drums since Bobby unfortunetly had to sit this one out. He is a powerhouse and I suggest you all come out and see him in action. Also, during the second leg of this tour we acquired our long time friend/crew member Donk, and merch guy extrordinaire Rob Danger (ya im not really sure either why they call him that, they just do and so will we....sometimes I feel like Korn, giving everyone involved some absurd nicknames haha) we have been having a lot of fun lately and have been really excited to meet some of you that have supported us for a while, we have a couple weeks left. So come hang out and lets dance together like were online craigslist lovers.. Until then..

Awkwardly yours,