Monday, September 7, 2009

We all need more backbone and less wishbone

Conscious rejection of objective measuring sticks and periodic tests suggests the decline and fall of mankind. Today we’re a species of pretenders, and wanna-bes, and (in this country) obesity. I say bring on the killer cockroaches and whoever survives can start this party over.

Burn the bridge, nuke the foundation, cut yourself off so there's no going back. Once you're committed the truth will come out and the truth is pointless when it is shallow. You talk about security? What you need is uncertainty and the desperateness of the Samurai...something that backs you up against a wall and forces you to re-invent yourself...

Never underestimate the power of idiots in large numbers.

No amount of intellect saves the dreamless.

Happiness lies in realizing it's all a big strange dream...

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