Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stimulate The Economy: Stimulate Yourself!

Hey kiddies, and good people of the internet. Just checking in with you folks, (those of you who care anyways) about the current happenings of the band. Lets start with shows. We played San Francisco a couple weeks ago, which was our first show back in almost 7 months...and holy shit did it feel good to play again. We got a great response from everyone, and the show went abnormally well. We were supposed to be playing my hometown (Manteca, CA) the other weekend. But as we ventured out to the show, the cops shut down tha mutha fucka....very shitty...but we'll be back to make it up to you guys who came out to see us. We have a small tour stint coming up at the end of March with Battlefields and Irepress...I love both those bands. Especially Irepress, I found their cd at my local cd store almost 3 years ago and I has always remained in constant rotation, so to be playing with them makes me sooooo floored. So if you live on the west coast, come out and get your fucking face melted off.

****Other Happenings.-Recording.

So we're finishing up the album, we have a couple additional songs added to the album which will round the cd to its capacity (80 mins of music) if you want your money's worth, I suggest picking our shit up when it's released. K? Thanks.. We have a tenative tracklisting (I love the word "tenative" because its the "offical" way of saying "we're full of shit") for the album. So "Internet Killed The Audio Star" will be as follows

1. Killer Whales, Man
2. My Sweetheart, The Whore
3. Don't be # 11
4. Dave Mustaine
5. Empathic Communicator Part 1: Homage To The Hunter
6. Part 2: BeeBee
7. Part 3: Your Sun Machine, Your Space Embracer
8. Part 4: How To Murder The Earth
9. Mare
10.You'll never Die In This Town Again
11. The Spark of Divinity
12.The Sycophant, The Saint, The Gamefox

So there you go...lots of music....we'll have a late summer release date for you soon. So check back

****Merch you can swipe offical name swag there. We'll have more designs soon.


Sooooooo, good news and bad....we'll start with the bad news. Our upcoming spring tour with Syrens and Ringbearer has been CANCELED....ya, shitty, so we apologize to our fans in the south. There's basically another tour, bigger tour (which will remained anonymous unless you email us and want to know) with the same route a day ahead of our tour, and with the economy being the
Way it is, ticket sales would be scarce....its life, it happens. BUT good news: we will back at the end of may to make it up to you, this also includes east coast, and not just the south. Okkkkkk :)


Watch dimetri martins' "important things" show on comedy central...he's brilliant, and better than carlos mencia, eddie griffin, larry the fuckheadoucheass, jeff coxsuckerworthy, kat williams, and watch it, you'll learn something. Love you folks, mean it...kinda.

-Jeremy spoke in'

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