Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tour 'till they're sore

hello there. It's been quite a while since we updated the blog. We've had such a great experience on this tour. I'd like to first and foremost like to thank East of The Wall for being so fucking amazing, as people, and as a band. It was an honor being able to watch them play every night, and get to know them as people. So Squid, Alf, Brett, Conway and recently met touring buddy Beards, thank you all very much, we had a blast and love you guys. Enough sentimental shit. I'll probably not be able to get all these crazy adventures down in one blog, but i'll give you some tid bits. So we've been out for a month and a half and we're currently in Nebraska heading home. We started this mammoth tour in San Francisco, headed south, played shows in Texas, then cut up through West Virginia, officially started tour with East Of The Wall in Maryland. Made our way BACK through the south, heading to the West, had a day off in SF. Then continued the tour through the Northern states, and then headed east where tour ended in Brooklyn, NY. Now we're making our 2nd loop of the U.S to have this behemoth of a tour come to an end. Pretty crazy right? fuck it, we had fun. We had some pretty amazing shows in SLC, Reno, Fargo, Minneapolis, Davenport, Ithaca, Keyport, and lastly Brooklyn, which was one of the most amazing, crazy, and funnest shows of this band's existince. Thank you to ALLLLLL the amazing bands we played with and all the amazing people who came out the show and liked what we did, or let us envelope you in sonic mishap. Either way, we had a fun. Some of the places we played at had bars which gave bands free if not cheap drinks. So it definitley added to the drunken debauchery. During this 2nd part of the tour, we also acquired long time friend/crew member Donk, and newcomer merch guy extrordinaire, Rob "Danger". With a van full of deranged, stubbled faced guys in tow. The northern states were so great to us. We definitley have marked a lot of these places on the map and we will be back here shortly. We are getting our routes in order to head back out in late September, should be amazing. So look for that, I gotta get back on the road and start driving again, so I will give you the detailed info on some of these stories which include: a rave, facefucking (seriously), being "in the booth", Dirty Jersey Cougars, doughnuts, and lots of puppies. Good times had by all.

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